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Spaces do become available on classes occasionally & I add new puppy classes regularly so if there is one you would like to join,please get in contact with me!!

The following information is taken from the PDSA's Paw Report.

24% of people in the UK have a dog! That's an estimated population of 8.1 million dogs.

86% of pet owners believe owning a pet improves their quality of life.

In the last 2 years over a half of veterinary professionals have seen an increase in dog on dog attacks as well as dog euthanasia due to behavioural issues.

Socialisation: Exposing a puppy gradually to a wide range of every day sights, sounds, people and other pets to develop their confidence. This important stage in a dogs life can be the difference between a well rounded, confident dog and one that develops problem behaviours. Around 1.5 million dogs have not been socialised.

Training: Using kind, effective methods is the way of strengthening the relationship between owner and dog,building trust and preventing inappropriate or aggressive behaviour.

This year research has shown that 54% of dogs(around 4.4 million)never attended training classes in their first 6 months of life.

We are making a cautious start to the classes again!

New Puppy Class "Digby" starting 8/7/21.

Bolt meeting 12.30pm on 7/7/21 @ Allington Open Space(bottom of castle road).

Dougal meeting 9.30am on 7/7/21 @ Allington Open Space(bottom of castle road).

Spot meeting 11am on 7/7/21 @ Allington Open Space(bottom of castle road).

Freeway meeting 9.30am on 18/6/21 @ Open Space,Allington.

Snowy meeting 12.30pm on 30/6/21 @ School Lane entrance to Mote Park.

Scamp meeting 9.30am on 30/6/21 @ School Lane entrance to Mote Park.

Pickles meeting 11am on 7/7/21 @ Penenden Heath.

Bouncer meeting 11am on 1/7/21 @ Manor Park,West Malling.

Toto meeting 9.30am on 1/7/21 @ Manor Park,West Malling.

Hooch meeting 10.30am on 28/6/21 @ Manor Park,West malling.

Snoopy meeting 11am on 2/7/21 @ Manor Park,West Malling.

Scooby Doo meeting 12pm on 28/6/21 @ Manor Park,West Malling.

Nipper meeting 10.30 on 6/7/21 @ Provender Way.
Mutley meeting 12pm on 6/7/21 @ Provender Way.

Petra meeting 9.30am on 29/6/21 @ Open Space,Allington.

Pippin meeting 11am on 29/6/21 @ Open Space,Allington.

Huckleberry meeting 11am on 18/6/21 @ Open Space,Allington.

Beethoven meeting 9.30 on 2/7/21 @ Manor Park,West Malling.

Sprockett meeting 11am on 30/6/21 @ School Lane entrance to Mote Park.

Flash meeting 9am on 3/7/21 @ Holy Cross Church car park,Bearsted.

Hector meeting 10.30am on 3/7/21 @ Holy Cross Church car park,Bearsted.

Pluto meeting 10.30pm on 3/7/21 @ Holy Cross Church car park,Bearsted.

You know who you are.....See you soon!

The Sun, The Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph: '1 in 4 dogs sad'.More than a quarter of UK pet dogs suffer from depression, experts fear. Half a million do not get daily walks and 2.3million are left on their own for five or more hours. The findings emerged in a survey of 31,500 pet owners - 28 per cent of whom thought it would be ok to leave a dog for between six and ten hours. Vets advise a maximum of four hours because lonely dogs get depressed. Animal charity the PDSA conducted the research.

One to One visits available! Get in touch for more details!

Exercising in a garden is not enough for dogs.They need walks, not only for the physical benefit that daily exercise brings but for the mental stimulation too. Being out and about allows them to express normal behaviours such as sniffing,investigating and interaction with other dogs and people. Leading an unstimulating and inactive life can contribute to destructive behaviour. Lack of exercise contributes to frustration and boredom as well as health problems. Exercise is not only a significant stress reliever but is also essential to the physical and mental well being of dogs. A staggering 2.4 million dogs in the UK are not given the opportunity to exercise off the lead outside the home or garden on daily basis, with over 800,000 never going for walks off the lead and 250,000 never going for walks at all!

Owning a dog can be and should be fun for you both. However it isn't always plain sailing!
Having worked with and trained guide dogs and guide dog puppies for over 20 years, we can show you how !

Based in Maidstone, Kent and covering the local area, Dog Behavioural Services (DBS) provide solutions to your dog's behavioural problems, from minor social indescretions to more complex and serious issues, basic training and puppy socialising.

Whether you are a first time puppy owner, or an old-hand but have a dog that has learnt new tricks, we can help you with lots of friendly and practical advice which will work!

Call us now to discuss your individual situation and requirements or go to our information page for more details.