Dog Behavioural Services
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Our services include

  • One-to-one training sessions in your home

  • Behavioural analysis of your dog

  • Real-life classes

  • Cage and collar rental

  • Supply of appropriate equipment and toys

  • Free advice clinic at


Samantha Grice is a professional dog trainer with over 20 years experience, working for Guide Dogs for the Blind in the fields of dog care & welfare, puppy development & socialising, basic & advanced guide dog and client training in addition to providing staff education and training.

Consultancy work in these fields has led to formal qualifications as well as providing experience with a wide range of dog breeds, ages, behaviours and training for specific tasks.

Over the last 8 years, practice has been focused within the pet dog world, dealing with more complex training needs & behaviour issues as well as the challenges of variable environments and personalities.

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